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Preterm births: dangerous trend

• Number is increasing every year
• 10% of all birth are preterm (>3 weeks before due date)
• 1.5% are very low birth weight (<1.5kg, usually 2-3 months before due date)
• Preterm birth is the leading cause of under-5 child mortality

Up to X4 times higher protein content is required for very low birth weight (<1.5kg) than human milk alone can provide
Preterm babies require more protein than their mother's milk can naturally provide. In order for these fragile babies to thrive, fortifier often needs to be added to the milk. The absence of adequate protein supply causes delay in the infant's growth and increase mortality and morbidity.

To address this problem, now in hospitals non-human origin proteins (cow milk proteins) are added to the human milk to enrich its protein value, this procedure is done daily during all first two-three months of life of such infants. These practices have high risk of side-effects (due to non-human origin of proteins).


The best solution obviously would be human milk-origin protein fortifiers (HMOF) added to human milk to increase its protein content without any health risks and our device is a novel answer for this problem.

BABYLAT Enricher device is a first automated, small-scale tabletop device for protein enrichment of human milk. The proteins are extracted from human milk and after extraction this concentrated protein fraction is added to human milk to increase its protein value without any health risks. The device perform fast protein extraction by automated way and in absence of the expensive lab equipment.

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